Welcome to the Grassrooting website. 

justice and dialogue in the digital economy. 

Grassrooting is a term that is coined to do just that: promote technological change with a focus on society. It is an initiative that aims to promote more decentralized, ownership-based approaches to technology and governance in the digital economy, in ways that include and offer choice and autonomy to one and all. To address the challenges associated with technological change, grassrooting, advocates the pioneering of new methods, approaches and solutions that respond to the needs of firms, grassroots communities and people in novel ways.

My work on these new approaches and frameworks is aimed to create a better basis for discussions on equal rights and equal choice for all in the data economy. In this effort, grassrooting aims to combine theory, policy and practice to:

(a) provide a forum for discussion and exchange, 

(b) put new issues of importance from a grassroots perspective on the global attention radar

(c) offer advice on inclusive business strategies, privacy strategies, data stewardship and ownership with a view to promote social and integration of new technologies to solve age old issues of biases and exclusion. 

(d) voice dissent and promote the use In the new global economy, technological change has become a key word for many things, from prosperity, to increased productivity in certain sectors, to exclusion to inequality. This is especially true in the context of new technologies of big Data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which to a certain extent bring to the forefront many issues that have been simmering below the surface for several decades now. Why these technologies signify progress, productivity and prosperity to some and exclusion to others is to a large extent of how these technologies are designed, who gets to benefit from them and how they promote certain kinds of exclusion. 

There should be 2 small divisions at the bottom, one focusing on the forthcoming book: 

 (a) Book (forthcoming, wait for details)

(b) Declaration on Socio-economic rights in the data economy (forthcoming)

(c) A database on intersectional technology sources