Our Data Futures


This book is an ambitious edited compilation that will seek to bring to light new evidence through case studies and that can influence the debate on the data society. It aims to promote new thinking on approaches and frameworks that can create a better basis for discussions on equal rights and equal choice for all in the data economy. The focus is on promoting theoretical, methodological, and empirical approaches that originate from grassroots perspectives, with a clear focus on the needs of the people in order to explore alternative epistemological frameworks that promote the hitherto unheard or unspoken voices in the data debates; such as those of indigenous communities, rural populations, women and other marginalized populations, whose need to participate in, and benefit from, data regimes is as acute if not more.


Reclaiming the data commons…

We need alternate data visions of the future that fight the power asymmetries of digital colonization built on algorithmic and gender violence, class divides and racism.